Next generation navigation and positioning technology

Creating innovative advances in the fields of positioning, navigation and timing, both indoors and outside.



Focal Point Positioning is bringing accurate position and time to smartphones and autonomous platforms through its products S-GPS and D-Tail™. S-GPS is a software upgrade for GNSS receivers that dramatically improves their sensitivity, accuracy and integrity in urban environments and indoors. D-Tail™ is our state-of-the-art 3D human motion tracking engine that can utilise smartphone-grade IMUs to provide high accuracy trajectory reconstruction with very low drift.

The software update that supercharges your GPS device

Focal Point’s patented S-GPS technology improves the sensitivity, accuracy and integrity of existing GNSS chipsets, and provides unique error-correcting capabilities. This makes positioning devices within urban or indoor environments easier, faster and far more reliable. S-GPS is the only software-based GNSS technology capable of determining the arrival angle of signals, enabling line-of-sight determination and the removal of reflected and non-line-of-sight signals from the positioning solution. This unique and patent protected capability dramatically improves positioning performance in urban areas.



Centimetre-level tracking for your smartphone or wearable

Focal Point’s D-Tail™ solution specifically targets the tracking of devices carried by humans. Applications include lone-worker tracking, location-based-services and fitness tracking. D-Tail™ combines human motion models, sensor fusion and machine learning methods to track users with centimetre-level precision, vastly greater performance than simple dead-reckoning and WiFi fingerprinting techniques can achieve. 


Our software enhances consumer products and provides data that can be trusted.


Our technology extends the reach of GNSS positioning deep into urban spaces while maintaining high accuracy.

Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars will be safer and more reliable thanks to Focal Point Positioning. 


Focal Point Positioning is a Cambridge-based technology company that develops next generation navigation and positioning solutions for smartphones, wearables and autonomous vehicles. Founded in 2015 by Dr Ramsey Faragher, the business is backed by venture capital firms Passion Capital, IQ Capital, Cambridge Angels and Cambridge Enterprise.


Focal Point consists of a team of domain experts with more than 100 years of combined knowledge in the world of positioning, navigation and timing.​​​​


Focal Point Positioning is growing and looking for exciting candidates to help achieve our goal of changing the GNSS industry forever.


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